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Fasting has been used for thousands of years for its spiritual benefits. Most of the world’s religions recommend some form of periodic fasting. While many people want to do the Neera™ Natural Detox & Cleansing Lifestyle Plan for purely health reasons, many also want to explore the spiritual aspect of fasting.

Many people have experienced a deep sense of peace and clarity while fasting. By freeing the ties to the physical, the mind is able to turn to higher pursuits.

Also, numerous scientific studies have linked overall health to one’s mental health. Toxic thoughts like anger, fear and worry create toxins within our body. Fasting helps cleanse these toxins physically in the body and mentally by calming the body and nervous system.

Most spiritual practices and religions aim to find out what our deepest nature is, who we are in the truest sense, and what reliance we have on a Higher Power. Along the journey of life, we often have experiences that help us or force us to learn more about ourselves, to better understand ourselves and to open us to new possibilities. Fasting diets like the Neera™ Natural Plan can help that process. Many people have reported how much they learned about themselves during the cleansing process. Sometimes old emotions come up as toxins are released. Sometimes people feel a profound sense of inner peace. Some people experience a kind of spiritual awakening during the cleanse. Others gain a deeper awareness of their relationship to food, how it is often used as an emotional crutch. When freed of their emotional and mental attachment to their old diet, many people have an “aha” moment when they realized they are liberated from their attachments and preconceived ideas about who they are and what they can or cannot do.

A simple exercise

As your body is cleansed and purified, it is likely that your thoughts will become clearer, too. Many people find practicing this simple meditation exercise helps them during the Neera™ Natural Plan:

Set aside ten minutes per day, preferably early in the morning before you enter into your daily routine.

Choose a place where you can sit alone peacefully, perhaps a corner of your room which is kept clean. It is helpful to set up a small sacred space, a place with flowers and/or a candle. Play some peaceful music and light some incense. Alternatively, select a peaceful spot outside amidst nature. Spend some time in prayer, if you’d like.

Sit comfortably either in a chair or on a cushion with your spine erect to keep you alert.

Focus your attention on your breath, observing each inhalation and exhalation. As you breathe in, feel that you are breathing in a feeling of peace and calm; as you exhale, feel that you are releasing any feelings of tension or anxiety. Allow that peaceful feeling to spread throughout your body. After a few minutes, try to allow your breath to become very calm and quiet, imagining that if someone placed a feather in front of your nose that it would hardly move. As your breath becomes ever more calm, you will notice that your body becomes more and more relaxed and your mind becomes less busy and your thoughts more clear.

To focus your mind, try this practice. Breathe in as you slowly count to five, hold for two counts and then exhale again for five counts. Do this comfortably without straining your lungs. Try to make the counting absolutely regular and rhythmic. Feel that nothing else exists in the world apart from your breathing and counting. This is the only task that matters. When distracting thoughts enter your mind, try to let them go and return your focus to your breath. The practice is about returning your focus to your breath. Again if you practice this you will likely notice how your breath becomes calm and automatic, your body more relaxed and your mind calmer and quieter.

During the counting practice, after a few minutes, feel that what you are breathing in is not air but solid peace. Imagine that this peace enters directly into the depths of your heart. From there it flows outward, permeating your chest, body, mind and emotions.

In this same way you can breathe in any quality you want or need: patience, love, power, joy, God. During the course of the Neera™ Natural Plan, practice breathing in the feeling of purity. Observe purity flowing from your lungs, through your chest, then your whole body, mind and emotions.Consciously imagine you are breathing out all the toxins and waste from your systemand that they are being replaced with vibrant energy, enthusiasm and joy

.When finishing your meditation practice, gradually return your awareness to your surroundings, ending the practice slowly.

These are very simple exercises. If you can practice for 10 minutes a day, you’ll notice that they get easier and that you get more out of them. It can be a very powerful addition to the cleanse.

Simple daily exercise is also a great part of the spiritual side of cleansing. Cardiovascular exercise can be like a meditation when you try to keep your mind focused on your breath or on the experience of the exercise. Try not to allow your thoughts to focus on the past or on the future. Try to keep the mind in the present and focused on the exercise, your breath, or on the beauty of your surroundings.

Do you have any comments, suggestions or experiences that you would like to share about the spiritual benefits of fasting and the Neera™ Natural Plan? Please let us know contact us.