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Neera™ Natural offers a simple, effective way to manage your weight. We call it our Neera™ Natural + Food Program. It’s easy and healthy!

Replace one or two meals a day with the Neera™ drink. Doing this, along with eating healthy meals and keeping a regular exercise routine, will not only decrease your caloric intake, but provide you some detoxifying results, too. In addition, you will be receiving the health benefits of lemons and their alkaline properties, and the nutritional benefits of the Neera™ syrup.

For the most effective method, start with a 5-10 day detox and cleanse while fasting with Neera™ Natural. Then continue using the Neera™ drink as a one-or-two-meal replacement for a few weeks, easing off as you reach your weight goals. You could also try fasting one day a week with the Neera™ drink, as an alternative.

Neera™ Natural + Food can help you reach your ideal weight, inexpensively and without sacrificing good nutrition.

Recent studies have shown that intermittent fasting can be a very effective fat-loss method, as well as a way to improve your health. Dr. John M. Berardi, a leading nutrition scientist and the co-founder of “Precision Nutrition” published a study in October, 2011. He personally lost 20 pounds and reduced his body fat percentage from 10% to 4% by spending six months practicing intermittent fasting (or going without food for set periods of time on a regular basis.)

After reviewing the scientific literature on fasting and his own experiments in weekly, twice weekly and daily fasting trials, Dr. Berardi points out that, “Data show that IF, when done properly, might help extend life, regulate blood glucose, control blood lipids, manage body weight, help a person to gain or maintain lean mass, and more.”