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The Madal Bal Syrup was developed specifically for the Neera™ Natural Plan and the Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanser / Lemonade diet.

The syrup was developed in Switzerland by a team of alternative health care practitioners. Back in the early 1980s the team purchased the rights to distribute Stanley Burroughs book, The Master Cleanser, throughout Europe. The diet became wildly successful there, but soon they determined that the maple syrup diet alone lacks some important minerals that are especially crucial during a fast. After five years and hundreds of tests, they formulated a mixed tree syrup that combines pure Canadian grade C maple syrup with several types of Southeast Asian palm syrups.

The resulting syrup met all of the needs of the diet and they named it after their company – Madal Bal. The combination of syrups in the Madal Bal Syrup is designed to give a rich, precisely balanced mixture of essential minerals. Maple syrup is rich in manganese and zinc– two minerals that are almost non-existent in palm syrup. On the other hand, palm syrup contains large quantities of potassium and calcium, elements required by the body’s cells to function properly and, therefore, important to the purification of the body. The Madal Bal Syrup offers ideal mineral ratios, like ratios of calcium to magnesium and sodium to potassium. This make the master cleanse recipe a healthier, more satisfying mixture.

Palm syrup is called neera in India. Neera roughly translates to “the life giving essence of the palm tree” and is the origin of the name Neera™ Natural. Neera syrup has been used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia and is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is the primary ingredient of Madal Bal Syrup. Like the production of maple syrup, the production of Neera is equally painstaking. Each day the tree’s flowering fruit stems are cut a little bit, allowing the sweet sap to flow and be harvested. This delicate, laborious task effectively condenses the most potent life-force energy of the tree–the sap that would otherwise become the fruit of the tree (coconuts or dates, for instance). The sap is then heated over an open fire, gently concentrating the syrup to avoid fermentation.

Palm Syrup FarmerMadal Bal Syrup uses Neera from several Southeast Asian palm species, including the Coconut Palm, the Arenga and Kitul Palms of the rainforests, the Nipah Palm of the swamps and marshes, and the Palmyra Palm of northern Sri Lanka. Madal Bal Syrup uses only Neera produced on small farms, monitored by Madal Bal employees. This intensive form of production is certainly more expensive than large-scale plantation methods, but it ensures the highest-quality syrup and helps local communities develop by supporting family-based enterprises.

Canadian grade C syrup is also used in the Madal Bal Syrup. The Acer Saccharum, or Sugar Maple tree, is one of over 75 varieties of maple tree in North America and must be about 40 years old before it can be tapped. The Sugar Maple only produces sap within a 4 to 6 week period between March and April. It takes freezing cold nights and warm days for the sap to run. At this time the forests are still covered by several feet of snow, so harvesting the sap is a cold and arduous task.

Every morning the sap is collected from buckets hung on the trees. It is carried to a building where the fluid is heated over a wood fire until it reaches the consistency of syrup. To prevent the syrup from spoiling, the sap is concentrated. It requires 40-50 gallons of sweet sap to obtain one gallon of grade C syrup. This is the amount that one large tree produces in one year. Madal Bal Syrup uses only Canadian grade C maple syrup, which is the darkest and richest grade of maple syrup.

During the Neera™ Natural Lemon Detox & Cleansing Lifestyle Plan, as the body cleanses itself of impurities, it is important that further impurities not be added to body. Madal Bal Syrup uses only the sap from selected trees growing in natural, chemical-free conditions. Its production is painstaking and uncompromising.

“The mineral content is exceptionally rich. The ration of zinc to manganese to iron is ideal (as is) the ratio of calcium to magnesium, around 3:1 and the ratio of potassium to sodium, around 10:1.”

—Dr. Michel Odent
Preconception Specialist
Uses the diet for detox for his preconception programs.

Madal Bal Syrup is ideal for performing the cleanse. It tastes great and satisfies your hunger better than maple syrup alone. Its rich mineral balance also aids your body’s cleansing process.

“I have done the Stanley Burrough’s Master Cleanser diet many times, almost religiously. I love the diet but it isn’t always easy. I tried your version of the diet with the Madal Bal Syrup, and I have to say I noticed that I felt better with your syrup than just regular grade-B maple syrup. I had more energy and was less hungry. You can even see the difference in the syrups. Your syrup looks so much thicker and darker. I’m only going to use maple syrup on my pancakes from now on. Thank you!”

—J. Goss, Ft. Myers, Florida

Madal Bal Syrup Mineral Content

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