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The Challenge Equals Results

The Neera™ Natural Detox & Cleansing Lifestyle Plan is fasting made easy–but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any challenges during the cleanse. Many people have absolutely no difficulty with the diet, but most people experience some challenge.

The Challenge of Cleansing Symptoms

The main challenge for most people is the release of toxins. During a cleanse like the Neera™Natural Plan, your body will release stored toxins that may create some discomfort. However, this discomfort should not be mistaken for side effects. In fact, these common cleansing symptoms are a good sign that the Neera™Natural Plan is working, as your body is in the process of releasing harmful toxins.

Common cleansing symptoms may include:

Bad Breath



Dark Urine


Stuffy or Runny Nose


Muscle Aches


Body Aches

“Headaches and other discomforts brought on by not eating are signs that the body has begun to withdraw from and detoxify waste products retained in body tissues. When we delay eating or fast, these tissue stores of toxic waste are mobilized for removal.”

 Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
“Fasting and Eating for Health”

“In the cleansing process, some people experience a tremendous stirring up and may even feel worse for several days, It is not the lemonade that causes the trouble, but what the lemonade stirs up in the system that causes our dizziness and other disturbances.”

 Stanley Burroughs
“The Master Cleanser” Lemonade Diet”

Be prepared to take a little extra rest if necessary. Usually, cleansing symptoms arise during the first couple of days, last a day or two, and then subside. A lot of people like to start the Neera™ Natural Plan on the weekend when they can relax and rest, if necessary. By Monday, you should have all the energy you need to go about your daily activities. If you experience headaches or other discomfort, try drinking a little herbal tea like peppermint tea. You may also try dry-brushing your skin to promote lymphatic drainage (see FAQ page) or you could take a sauna, steam bath or mineral bath to help relax and remove toxins.

Your skin is the largest eliminative organ of the body, and during the cleanse it is not abnormal to experience some pimples or a slight rash, especially if you already suffer from any chronic skin problems. This usually occurs during the first few couple of days, lasts a day or two, and then disappears, leaving the skin more radiant than ever. One of the most popular benefits of the Neera™Natural Plan is its beneficial effect on the skin.

“My naturopathic doctor told me that I had a lot of toxins in my system, probably from my typical American diet. I had acne problems for years. When I went on the Neera™ Natural Plan, the acne got worse for the first few days, but by the fourth day it started to clear–by the seventh day it was totally gone. My skin hasn’t been so clear since I was a kid. My body is toxin free! I am really happy with the results.”

 M. Garcia
Richmond, Virginia
Healing Crisis

Healing Crisis

What is a healing crisis? Usually we treat the symptoms of illness but not the root causes. That is why our society uses so many antibiotics and other medications. The truth about illness, however, is that it is usually caused by an underlying imbalance in the body.

Treating symptoms only suppresses the root cause of the problem, pushing it deeper into hiding where it may develop into a more acute condition later in life. A healing crisis is a systematic healing from the inside out. It brings out the symptoms of suppressed conditions that may seem identical to illnesses you’ve had in the past. You may experience more acute cleansing symptoms or ‘healing crises’ if your body is especially toxic. If you’re suffering from a health condition, you may experience symptoms identical to the sickness itself. If you have any form of chronic illness, for example a skin outbreak, it’s possible that the symptoms will become more severe during the program. Don’t be concerned. This simply is a result of the inner cleansing and healing that is occurring while your body works the toxins out of your system.

Checking the Tongue

In The Master Cleanser, Stanley Burroughs recommended gauging the progress of the cleanse by observing the change in color of the tongue. As the first few days of the diet progress, a coating will usually appear which is at first whitish, then yellowish in color, as toxins are released from the body. This may occur up to the third or fourth day, and it will then slowly disappear. This coating can be removed by brushing the tongue with a toothbrush or scraping it with a spoon. The tongue will regain its pinkish color when the cleansing process is complete. For most people this process will not take longer than ten days, for some it may take longer. If the coating remains at the end of the diet, it is advisable to repeat the Neera™ Natural Plan a month or two later. Having undergone a basic purification, the coating should disappear more quickly the second time.

The Challenge - It's All in the Mind

During the Neera™ Natural Detox & Cleansing Lifestyle Plan, you may notice how much attachment you have to food mentally and emotionally. You’ll receive all the calories you need from the Neera™Natural Drink, but you will likely have some food cravings. Most of us are attached to food for mental and emotional support, and conquering this is one of the great benefits of the cleanse. The secret tip is to keep a container of the Neera™ Natural Drink with you at all times. If you start to have a craving for food, have another gulp of the Neera™Natural Drink. Don’t let yourself get hungry. If you do, the cravings usually become more difficult to deal with. By the time you get to the 4th or 5th day, you will be amazed