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Neera Natural Lemon Detox and Cleansing Lifestyle Plan and master cleanse reviews show that our product is not just hype and speculation. It works!

Doctor reviews suggest that improvements for various ailments and chronic conditions are seen in patients who use the cleanse. Patients have also lost weight and see improvement in their overall health.

Consumer reviews back up the claims of the product also. We regularly get emails and phone calls from Neera customers who have lost weight, have beaten chronic health conditions and who are feeling more healthy and energetic as a result of the detox and cleanse.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few of the testimonials we’ve received:


Here are a few of the testimonials we've received

"I've been using Neera for several years. I've tried all possible sweeteners for the Master Cleanse lemonade mix, including maple syrup, honey, and coconut nectar, and Neera is by far the tastiest and makes the most satisfying lemonade. When I drink lemonade made with Neera, my body feels nourished, and I don't get as hungry as with the other sweeteners. It's versatile and tastes great in cold or warm lemonade depending on the season. My husband also likes the taste too!"

- E, NY, NY

"I've been a Neera user for more than 6 years and am thoroughly satisfied with the product. The Neera program is easy to follow and once you're on to day 3, it's a breeze. I feel great and I'm able to continue my visits to the gym! I'm currently doing the cleanse and I've lost 5 pounds in 7 days, and I'm looking forward to a bit more weight loss over the next 8 days. I normally stay on the program for the full 15 days, and I do it every 6 months. Great program with great results!"

--L. Meyers, Eugene, OR

"I waited a month after participating in the Neera cleanse to share my results. Just wanted to make sure it was for real! I've suffered from digestion problems for almost two decades. During this time, my gastroenterologist prescribed a number of medications, nasty liquids and medical tests. Some relief was provided but none cured the problem of constipation. I was diagnosed with a spastic colon and twice wound up in the emergency room with a partially blocked bowel. I didn't expect any dramatic change in my condition, but after a five-day fast with Neera Natural, I have experienced normal bowel function. I recently had an exam with my gastroenterologist, and he confirmed that my condition has improved. I am truly amazed! If my condition returns, I am confident that repeating the cleanse will provide relief."

--C. Wilson, Livermore, CA

"After both my brother and my sister told me how amazed they were using Neera, and since I was struggling to lose weight myself, I broke down and did the 5-day cleanse. I lost 9 pounds in those 5 days, and have lost another 6 pounds in the two weeks since, just by replacing one or two meals a day with the Neera drink. More importantly, my wife did the 5-day cleanse with me, and is very happy that it re-set her digestive system that had been giving her trouble for many years! I'm sold!"

--H. Wilson, Livermore, CA

"Several health issues and surgeries over the last new years left me with much unwanted weight that I could not seem to get rid of no matter how hard I tried. I'd been reading about the importance of cleansing and how a detoxifying cleanse could assist with 'resetting' your body's metabolism, giving you a greater chance of success with weight loss efforts. A friend directed me to your web site, and I carefully studied what you had to say about The Natural Detox and Cleansing Diet - how it worked and why it was good for our bodies. It just made sense, so I decided to give it a try. I started with a 5-day cleanse and lost 9 pounds! I expected to be ravenous and was pleasnatly surprised that even though my energy levels were down slightly by day 5, I never experienced all that much hunger. I even went to the gym each day during the cleanse. Also, a surprise was that I didn't gain the weight back when I went back to eating normally. In fact, I continued to lose weight! So far, I've lost 18 pounds in just two months, and it's been embarrassingly easy! I now eat a very balanced alkaline diet - mostly vegetarian - but, after reading your instruction pamphlet, I've also started adding lemon and cayenne to essentially everything I eat. In addition, I've been doing weekly 1-day cleanses, and I feel better than I have in years! I am sold on the product!"

- M. Michaels, Benicia, California

"Hi, I was at first skeptical but after 8 days on the diet, I was amazed to have lost 13 pounds and then kept on dropping weight for the following few days afterwards. Wow! Friendsand work colleagues who see me everyday complimented me how I look thinner, especially in my face. Now I have a bunch of friends from work and my home country of Australia (currently I'm working in California) who are trying your program out. Thank you again for helping me lose weight."

- Ernest

"I have a pretty demanding job here and was concerned about doing the cleanse. I have to say during the diet I never felt tired, and I had a lot of energy. I lost nine pounds in five days. At my store we have recommended the diet to older people, younger people, just about anyone can do this diet. We had a lady who was skeptical and was going to try it for three days, she did it for seven. During the diet you don't get hungry, you just keep sipping the Neera Drink all day. The diet allows you to cleanse your body on a cellular level. If you are trying to change your diet, to improve your diet and lifestyle, this is a great way to get a fresh start."

- David Stouder owner, Apple Health Foods, Redwood City, California and host of the "Vitamin Shelf" on KEST radio

"I was turned on to the Neera™ Natural by one of my coaching clients. I was using a different product at the time, but after listening to him rave about how great he felt, I had to try it myself. I feel our bodies are just like the cars we drive. They need tune ups, oil changes, flushing the engine just like our bodies need. Doing a cleanse 4 times a year at the start of each season gives your body a feeling like new! Cleansing the body will lead you to a much more healthy life and you won't need to replace parts due to getting old-- you are keeping all systems clean, fresh and like new. I did the Neera cleanse the first time for six days. The first two days were a bit hard, but by the third day I felt the most amazing energy, my eyesight was better and all my cravings for things such as the coffee I love were gone. At the end of 6 days, my skin was softer, my hair was shiny and people were saying, "Wow, you look great!" I am a coach to people from all walks of life and with all kinds of goals. Twenty of my clients just completed the cleanse; we all did it together! Each one has their own testimonial to share, and each one will do it again next season. The best testimonial I received from a client was that his fear of running in a race was gone; he felt calm, peaceful and had a renewed sense of purpose and focus. Thank you for helping us all live a longer, healthier life.

- Lisa Smith-Batchen elite ultra-distance runner Life Coach Dreamchases Outdoor Adventure Club

"I am writing about my healing cleanse experience after more than 25 years of gastro esophageal reflux disease (gerd, indigestion/heartburn or acid reflux), however anyone wants to describe it. I incurred thousands of dollars in medical expense during the time that I suffered with this disease, but fortunately I had insurance most of the time. So I had all the tests, including having a camera put into my stomach (twice) to try to determine why my condition was not improving. Finally through my husband, I learned about the diet and was blessed with a copy of Stanley Burroughs's Master Cleanser. I started my fast on May 28, 2006, with the idea of fasting only nine days--and ended it 42 days later. During the first 30 days, I lost 30 pounds, an incredibly good side-effect, and have had no other problems with acid reflux since. After completing and ending the fast as suggested by Mr. Burroughs, I waited a month before testing myself to see if, in fact, I was actually free of this ailment. I intentionally began to eat foods that I knew would send me into a gastro-intestinal attack that could continue for days and sometimes up to a week or more, before the fast. Foods like beans, milk, highly seasoned foods, and by the time I started the fast, practically anything I consumed, even water at times. Amazingly, I had no adverse effect except flatulence, which I would not have been able to pass prior to the fast, and now could without taking every prescription and over-the-counter medication known to man. After several weeks of jubilation and daily reports to my husband about my continued gastro-intestinal-distress-free life, I began to wonder how I could be free of an ailment just by fasting and drinking lemonade. I'm just sad that my father had lived with the same ailment most of his life, and never knew about this simple remedy, with the most amazing side-effect, weight loss."

Acid Reflux Disease - Velma McKenzie-Orr New York

"I had my gall bladder removed in April. Before this I took a blood test, and my cholesterol was 253, my liver count was 160 and my blood pressure was 130 over 80. I bought one can this summer in San Diego. I have been drinking it for breakfast, a salad for lunch and anything for supper. I received my blood results yesterday on October 13. My cholesterol is 189, my liver count is 71 and my blood pressure is 106 over 68. I have lost 25 lbs. I have never achieved this kind of amazing results before. This is the first time my cholesterol has been below 200 in 22 years. I would like to say thank you."

Reducing Weight, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol D. Owen, San Diego, California

"My naturopathic doctor told me that I had a lot of toxins in my system (probably from my typical American diet). I had had acne problems for years. When I went on the Neera™ Natural Program, the acne got worse for the first few days, but by the fourth day it started to clear, and by the seventh day it was totally gone. My skin hasn't been so clear since I was a kid. My body is toxin free! I am really happy with the results. I plan on doing this diet at least once a year."

Skin Health and Healing Crisis M. Garcia, Richmond, Virginia

"I have done the Stanley Burrough's Master Cleanser diet many times, almost religiously. I love the diet but it isn't always easy. I tried your version of the diet with the Madal Bal Syrup, and I have to say I noticed that I felt better with your syrup than just regular grade-B maple syrup. I had more energy and was less hungry. You can even see the difference in the syrups. Your syrup looks so much thicker and darker. I'm saving maple syrup for my pancakes from now on. Thank you!"

Jenny Goss, Ft. Myers, Florida Madal Bal Syrup vs. Maple Syrup

The Neera™ Natural Plan is also beneficial to the hair. A Swiss hair institute uses Neera™ Natural as part of its treatment. "Waste products are deposited in the outermost cells of the body, which includes those in the hair," says the head of the institute. "For healthy hair, the purification of the body is absolutely necessary, and nothing serves this purpose better than the Neera™ Natural Detox Plan."

Effect on Hair

"I have never felt more pure in my life. I could actually feel the toxins and excess fat leave my body. Every morning while on the diet, I felt like a brand new person. The most impressive part of the diet was it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I didn't really feel the hunger that I thought I would; instead, the Neera Drink gave me all the energy I required to last the full 14 days that I was on diet. I realized that hunger is more mental than anything else, I am going to remember that for the rest of my life, and eat much more cautiously, all thanks to the Neera™ Natural Plan."

- J. Bains, Richmond, British Columbia General Inspirational

"I was on the program for 15 days. I lost 17 lbs, my skin glowed and I felt great. At the time I was on the program, I was caring for a terminally ill relative. During this stressful time, I noticed that I felt emotionally very clear. While I went on the program to detox physically, the emotional and spiritual benefits I experienced far outweighed the physical."

R. Buhrman, Phoenix, Arizona

"I have been battling with my weight since I had a baby at the age of forty. I had been skinny all my life and got into the habit of eating too much of all the wrong things. I tried every diet on the market but nothing controlled my hunger. A friend told me about the Neera™ Natural Plan. I read up about it and got excited about the fact that it gets rid of cravings. The first day, every time I felt like eating food, I drank the juice and within minutes my craving for food was under control. The first time I went on it, I tried it for five days and lost 10 lbs. The best thing was the incentive it gave me to start fresh eating habits. I now eat more sensibly, and every now and then clean out my system and lose a few extra pounds with my miracle juice. Many of my friends thought I had gone crazy when they saw me just drinking juice all day long, but when they saw the results they too went on it. So on behalf of myself and my 6 once-overweight friends, thank you!"

- S. Warren, Margate, Florida

"My family thought I was crazy to even try this cleansing diet. My main purpose was to cleanse my digestive tract. After the first day, as I began to flush the toxins from my system, I felt a serene, peaceful feeling come over me that lasted the whole rest of the fast. I was amazed that I didn't experience any cravings and looked forward to downing the sea-salt "shake" every morning. I started the diet with a cleansing laxative to flush out my bowels on Wednesday night and then didn't eat again until the following Saturday morning. I think I lost around 10 pounds. I couldn't believe where the weight was going. I had energy to do all the things I normally do each day. I am a healthy 45-year-old male. I currently weigh around 220 lbs. I look forward to trying the diet again."

- R. Weeks, Taylorsville, Utah

"Even using the Madal Bal Syrup as a meal replacement once a day can support a healthy and steady weight loss regime. At the same time, one gains consistent energy levels to face life's demands. This works well combined with homeopathy for full optimization of one's health."

Dr. Elizabeth Adalian, R S Hom From Health Professionals

"I have tested it myself and am now introducing it in practice. I can vouch that it tastes good, is easy to sustain over 5-10 days, gives a rapid detox, and is suitable for a wide variety of patients."

Dr. Janine Leach BSc PhD ND DO Hon MFPHM

"One of the best detox diets around. The results are excellent and long lasting. I have now started to incorporate the Neera™ Natural Plan into my clinic."

Ms. Marcia Harewood ND MRN DO MH DNI Specialty: Osteopath

"The fact that a person, after 10, 14 or more days, can feel so full of vitality without having given up any of his or her normal occupations, demonstrates that the person is truly receiving all the necessary nutrients. It must be understood that the importance of abstaining from solid food lies in its acting at the very root of all functional and organic pathologies. In one of his aphorisms, the "father of western medicine" Hippocrates, stated that "humeral impurity is the cause of all sicknesses." We should not be surprised then that a sufficiently prolonged fast, thanks to the syrup and lemon, achieves such extraordinary results. By allowing the digestive and assimilatory mechanisms to rest (anabolism), the body's energy flows in a centrifugal pattern (catabolism), thus favoring the elimination of toxins and residues. Returning to Hippocrates, he says in another of his aphorisms 'In growing illness, one must stop eating... As one continues to feed an ill body, so the illness grows.' The benefits of prolonged abstention from solid food are incalculable, affecting favorably all the components that integrate the human body: the physical-energetic plane, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. Bearing in mind the words of Hector Durville, 'The intoxicated person thinks and feels through his toxins,' we may understand why, after this program involving intracellular and neuronal purification, a person feels more lucid and tranquil. It is this psycho-physiological and mental equilibrium which leads to a state of natural harmony, characteristic of a perfect state of health."

- Luis Juan Mompo Naturopath, Sant Bet, Barcelona, Spain

"The main objective of our preconceptional program is to renew the adipose tissues of the body, in order to reduce the amount of all sorts of fat soluble synthetic chemicals such as PCBs and dioxins. During a weekend, there is no food available other than a specially designed cocktail made from Madal Bal Syrup (a mixture of maple syrup, and palm tree syrup) and lemon juice. Cayenne pepper is added after dilution (a way to slightly increase the body temperature). The cocktail can be consumed at any time without any restriction. Its mineral content is exceptionally rich. The ratio of zinc to manganese to iron is ideal (in the region of 5:2:1). The ratio of calcium to magnesium is around 2.5:1 and the ratio of potassium to sodium around 10:1. The lemon juice represents the main source of natural vitamin C."

- Dr. Michel Odent Primal Health Research Center Specialty: Obstetrician

"One thing that really impresses me about the Neera™ Natural Plan is that energy levels remain high, so you can continue with normal leisure and work activities."

- Mr. Ian Barrett BSc ND DO MRN MAO Specialty: Naturopath, Holistic Health Consultant

"I find the Neera™ Natural Diet very useful for women wanting to conceive - many people change their diet when they are actually pregnant. So much better to be prepared for pregnancy."

- Ms. Emma Cannon Specialty: Pre-natal care, pregnancy, women's health advisor, acupuncturist

"Very useful to kick-start dietary changes that can be permanently incorporated in a patient's lifestyle. Good way of eliminating toxins and habits, makes healing easier, giving energy to the liver where adrenal toxins are commonly found."

- Mr. Trevor Gunn BSc (Hons) LCH RS Hom Specialty: Homoeopath